APU C7 Z06 Stage 1 Methanol Package

We here at APU wanted to put together a kit to help with some of the problems with the new C7 Z06. Our methanol injection kit is very easy to install and will help drastically lower AITs. We designed the kit to be completely hidden from sight. Our kit actually shares the OEM windshield washer bottle. The kit is setup to only spray when full boost is achieved. You do not lose the use of your windshield washers. The kit is designed to spray your standard washer fluid into the motor with is typically a 70/30 mix with water and methanol. With Stock zo6s as AITS rise, power is drastically reduced by the ecu. This kit not only keeps AITS lower meaning for consistent power every time you drive, but it also helps keep carbon build up away on your valves that plagues the direct injection motor. Typical horsepower pick up is around 40whp and 30wtq. More can be picked up with proper dyno tuning. 


*No tuning is required, but is recommended 




***** NOTE *****

If you have ANY questions, concerns or simply just want to verify what you're ordering and feel more comfortable talking to a real person. Give us a call at (865)-982-4109. We want to make sure that you're satisfied with what you're ordering and make the process as easy and enjoyable as possible.

APU C7 Z06 Stage 1 Methanol Package