BorgWarner S476SX-E T4 10087

The brand new 76.00mm S400SX turbocharger from BorgWarner is the 3rd largest T4 turbo in the airwerks lineup, and ideal for people who require more airflow than the GTX42R or S400SX 74.56mm but also want better fitment than GTX45R. Using state-of-the-art blade aero on both the 76.00mm inducer/100.00mm exducer compressor and the 87.37mm turbine wheel, this turbo is designed for use in high power and high boost 800-1150+ whp applications.


The S400SX turbos share identical fitment as GT42R (5″ inlet compressor hsg inlet and 4″ V-Band turbine outlet) and is ideal for applications looking for T6 levels of power but with T4 spool and fitment. Journal Bearing and Oil Cooled onlyOil-Cooled Journal Bearing only.



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BorgWarner S476SX-E T4 10087