Full Function FD Engine Mounts

FD3S Adjustable Billet Engine Mount




New Features:

  • Lighter by 3.7oz each. Nearly 1/2 lb for the set
  • Locking tab for mount bracket  allows easy installation


– Available in three firmness

  •  68A (Soft)    – This is nearest to the stock mount feel but transfers slightly more vibration/noise but offers increased response.
  • 85A (Firm)    – An intermediate step from the 68A for higher horsepower street/strip applications.
  • Delrin (Solid) – For essentially rigid engine mounting for extremely high horsepower applications and track use.


– Maximum surface area for confident leak-free oilpan sealing

– Mounts CNC’ed from Type II anodized 6061-T6 Aluminum

– High Strength class 12.9 hardware.  Extended Hardware available for thicker oil pans or pan brace. (5mm longer than standard hardware)

– Brackets from Electroless Nickel plated 10 gauge 1018 CR Steel

– Removable bushings allow for end user replacement for softer/harder choices


We recommend only using Permatex “Right Stuff” sealant


If you can’t decided on which firmness or are worried about potential vibration transmission please contact us for more insight.


*The “Soft” compound will transmit more vibration than a OEM mount.

Please see our technical section for instructions, warnings and parts list.

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Full Function FD Engine Mounts

Extended Hardware (5mm Longer)
Permatex "Right Stuff" Sealant

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