ID F750 Fuel Filter

Injector Dynamics is proud to release the highly awaited F750 Fuel Filter. The F750 is manufactured in house, to ensure it meets the standards set forth by existing Injector Dynamics products. The F750 is the first performance filter designed to meet strict OE filter requirements, namely Bosch’s specification for electronic fuel injectors. It is the result of substantial research invested in improving the service life of our injectors. The F750 is designed to hold a high level of contaminant while maintaining low restriction to flow. An indicator on the front of the filter housing gives a visual indication of the condition of the serviceable filter element, at a quick glance you can tell when it's time to replace the filter element, preventing problems before they occur! 



Nominal Flow Rate – 750 l/h @ 7.5 kPa (1.1 psi) pressure drop. 1000 l/h @ 13 kPa (1.9 psi) pressure drop
Maximum Fuel Pressure – 10.0 Bar (145.0 psi)
Fuel Compatibility – Compatible With All Known Fuels
Fluid Connection – SAE -8 O-Ring Barb


Built in indicator that gives a visual indication of the condition of the serviceable filter element, so that it can be replaced before it becomes a problem. 


***For optional Bosch Motorsport combination fuel pressure and temperature sensor, add $250.00***


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ID F750 Fuel Filter