KAAZ Limited Slip Differentials (“L.S.D.”) react fast without fail and have a wide range of adjustments available to suit different driving conditions.

We use the largest friction plate size possible and also increase the number of plates to gain maximum performance. As a result, when compared with other L.S.D. brands, you will find that a KAAZ L.S.D. offers the following advantages:

  • The sensitive L.S.D. will work even when the slightest torque is applied
  • Increased ability to transfer power from the engine to the wheels without loss of power
  • The power acting on the plates is reduced so that abrasion on the plates are protected
  • Increased number of friction plates greatly improves abrasion efficiency and heat capacitance of the plates
  • Not only the friction plates, but all parts of our L.S.D. have been improved and made larger, so the overall strength of the main body is increased

These merits gives the L.S.D. near perfect efficiency, stable operation, and long lasting outstanding control for you.



***** NOTE *****

If You have ANY questions, or concerns or simply just want to verify what you're ordering and feel more comfortable talking to a real person. Give Logan a call at (865)-982-4109 or shoot me a text at (865)-268-9258. We want to make sure that you're satisfied with what you're ordering and make the process as easy and enjoyable as possible. 


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