Turbosmart Single Port Internal Wastegate Actuator

Turbosmart’s single port IWG actuator is ideal for achieving your target boost pressure on BorgWarner EFR turbos, using a traditional 3port boost control solenoid. The tuner can use combinations of up to 3 springs to achieve the desired base boost pressure.

Note: For setups that want a larger range of boost control -or- want to acheive high boost on a soft spring, we recommend using their Twin Port IWG with a 4 port boost control solenoid.


The wastegate actuator allows for different combinations of spring pressures. All springs that are adaptable with the wastegate actuator are shown in the table below. To aid in the identification of these springs they are supplied colour coded. If this colour coding is not clear please use the dimensions in the following table to identify the spring. The springs chosen should be rated to the lowest boost level desired. Typically with a single port IWG, the stiffer the spring the earlier a given turbo will spool, since the WG does not bypass any exhaust gas during spoolup.

Changing the springs



  • Fitting a heavier wastegate actuator spring may cause a higher than expected increase in boost pressure.
  • Turbosmart recommends adjusting your boost controller back to its minimum setting (or unplugging the solenoid) and measuring the new minimum boost pressure achieved by the new spring, before increasing your boost pressure again.
  • Use of a turbocharger speed sensor is a good idea if you plan to run very high boost levels



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Turbosmart Single Port Internal Wastegate Actuator